It happened a while ago!

Our college has the best "assist-to-get-jobs" committee,or like they call the placement cell.Its a serious affair!The "free-workers" there are called the "brand ambassadors"

OH! wait if I were them,I`d restrict calling myself a volunteer.But world being world,they unveil themselves calling ambassadors.They do nothing but all the crap just for a crap certificate.Like certificates in today`s world are cared?


So the announcement was made about a so-called 'x' internship.Interested candidates should show up in a particular place,brainy people are picked and the rest are asked to shoo~away.I was never keen of taking an internship,but it was a lopsided day destined to misshapen.I walked though the doors with smiles,b`coz I was blessed with attendance even after ditching a thirty minutes class.

Two good looking guys jiber~jabber something about their company.None interest me,except for the two good looking guys and pay which is to be offered for the brainy picks.Offer was tempting and my subconscious woo`s at the sum I`d get if I get through.

Scope of possibilities if I get through
(I imagined in the terms of shopaholic)
 ie. No of clothes I buy monthly=No of clothes I get to buy in one and half week
 Discount : I could show off mom that I was earning at the age of 18.
Extra convenience : No need of patafying people,No more aashirvaad begging (of course! I ask my elders to bless me in terms of money)

So,yeah! My bad,I got carried away!

And then they handed us acknowledgements which I patiently filled.We had two rounds,first the GD where they filter the first set of Headless~Nicholas`es and then the PI where they rule out the seconds.Being my first,I was kinda tensed.I dint think of the "not" possibilities,all that mattered was how I`d narrate to my grand children the whole 'my first interview experience' was.GD went by,their brilliant question was : why do you want to work?How ever ethnic,workaholic,charitable one may sound,don`t they get it? every damn person wants money!

It seemed like they were in hurry,anyone who blabbered something fluently were picked. Of-course,I got through! I blabbered enough.And then came PI, I was the first in the front row.Praise the lord,they started from the last.How~ever nonsensical it was for me I had to go last.Approximately sixty were there,time went by.Three of my dearo`s finished,I was the only left (from my class).

My turn finally showed up (felt like ages),one was sitting staring intently at my resume and other was aside.I sat down looking excited.I was ready to answer even a hurricane of questions,thinking I`d give my best.He finally looked up and asked what was my means of transportation? I filled in,telling I come by two wheeler.He again went back to staring~the~resume business,I thought it was just a blip.Best it yet to come,I told myself.He looked up again,my eyes gleamed with hope.He put the paper in front of me and pin-pointed a exclamatory mark!


'What`s with the exclamation?' he asked sounding ridiculous.That bastard couldn`t sound any less reasonable.I mean like seriously? Its the little exclamation that`s bothering him?Okay, I should n`t have used an unnecessary exclamation,but don`t blame me! EXCLAMATIONS are darn cute! I couldn`t resist using one!!

Sigh! That`s how my first absurd, ludicrous moronic interview ended.Somehow I feel the universe laughing at me,giggling at the irony (how badly I wanted a memorable experience and how badly it turned out to be the most cursed experience),stinging me with mockery.

P.S : Then I realized I should act without an expectation.After all life happens the way it has to,not the way I`d like it to be.

Hope you enjoyed reading it
Exclamations and Full stops

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