What happens when you discover someone`s little secret??Well these are some usual reactions

-Your eyes go wide
-Your anxious to know more
-You get jumpy
-You smile with a devilish grin (well if it turns out to be something very personal)
-At times,you curse your friend for not telling you any sooner (if the secret is outdated and your the last one to know)
-You look across to find the person whose little secret you discovered, and by chance you find them somewhere nearby or in a visible distance you eye at them as if they are alien
-You cant wait until you blurt out what you just discovered.
-You gather your gang and start off with a big "OMG"
-You talk talk and talk
-You warn others not to tell anybody (which they obviously will)

So that`s #something what generally happens.How ever stupid they may sound,secrets are secrets and they go wild like a spark of fire in dry forest.And people accuse others like they are deadly sins,though they commit some secretly.

Here are some REALLY STUPID SECRETS I heard people blabbering

Hope you enjoyed reading
Hugs & candies

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