A very long time ago,I was quite a morning person.PERIOD! I repeat again, it was long long long time ago.Lingering around my grand parents back then was my leisure pursuit,I was curious learning what was world like.Oh believe me,it was gibberish hogwash.
But my gramms wasn`t all talkative sunday mornings,she never gave in for any kind of colloquy especially while watching some crap TV show of some 'xyz' channel.For none around to blabber with,I developed a clear-cut hating towards the reason behind it.I searched for different ways to get gramms rid of her dear TV show.

I called it mission 'destroy' and set off to achieve its purpose.Back then we had these Skip buttons on our remote control which skipped that particular channel but gramms was clever enough,she caught me.I dint call it quits,I made another crucial attempt by slashing away the TV wires.That Sunday the program was gone,and my devilish grin explained that I was the sneak thief that destroyed their dear connection.Stupid me,I couldn`t shut my smile away. Of course she got it repaired after showering some earful roastings on me.Next sunday visited and this time I was abandoned to the living area when the show was on.She watched in peace.
I loathed the show and found it in tolerable,thanks to gramms hearing potential the sound was at its peek.
Even the background music was unendurable.I preyed the first object I looked at.
Like Shakespeare quotes "Revenge has no bounds" I found a new way to whack the evil thing.
POOR CHAIR,unfortunate one will never forget what I did to it.

I imagined it to be the TV which telecast-ed the ridiculous show and banged it with my dear hands but unfortunately I ended up hurting myself. Next day I came up with a bigger plan,I brought a scale and dressed like my dorthy miss with a dupatta(she was my pre-primary teacher,quite a rebel) and that`s it! I started banging the poor chair, but the hammering wasn`t a coaster ride because of its uneven surface,I turned the chair upside down to make it even and then started walloping again and suddenly came to a halt. I found the chair dirty, dorthy miss always told not to touch anyone unless they had their bath! And thereby,brilliant me I tried carrying the chair to the bathroom but dropped it when gramms gave a death glare.
Calling myself virtuoso I came up with another plan.I somehow convinced myself, I couldn`t touch the chair when it is dirty and wherefore if I cover the dirt and make it invisible I could still touch it.With that outlook,I brought a pair of clean white sheets and covered the chair.Patting myself and not realizing how silly and foolish I was,I bangged the poor thing once again.However moronic the incident may sound,it reminds me what a crazy-kid I was.

P.S: This happened when I was like six.I choose to not mention the crappy TV show b`coz, it still airs and I dint want you to visit the crappy show even by mistake!

Hope you like it
hugs & smiles

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