Here comes SUMMER! :)
How many of you love summer?? well, I do! The nostalgic feeling returns,giving me a reason to smile.
Okay! So here is #something that I wish to share.........
I was well,cleaning my closet yesterday and guess what I found?
Back then I used to list out all the fun filled to-do things,which I hoped to be fulfilled at some point of my life.
Here are some....

 1: Write a bottle message and toss it out in The Indian Ocean 
 2:  See the pyramids in Egypt
 3: Ride a gondola in Venice
 4: Go bungee jumping
 5: Stop a wedding and run away
 6: Ride a mechanical bull
 7: Go on a cruise
 8: Have a job that I love
 9: Attend the festival of colors
10: Go camping
11: Enact in Shakespeare`s theater drama
12: Kiss on the streets of Paris
13: Take one photo a day for a year
14: Shoot a gun 
15: Go to some unknown wedding and act like its my own sisters 
16: Go on a road trip with my girls
17: Organize a fashion show with bridal theme
18: Buy tons of cute junk and store in a secret room
19: Do something illegal
20: Write a book
21: Own a big library with tons of books in it
22: Go to a costume party,dressed like captain Jack sparrow (Aye captain)
23: Buy a year ahead clothes dated for each day
24: Adopt a kid
25: Drink lots of cheap bear and do a karaoke
26: Play a private detective and Investigate a case 
27: Learn Spanish and sing a Spanish song out loud
28: Drive a Porsche
29: Stalk someone sending texts signed -A (yes, I`m a PLL fan)
30: Meet Ian Somerhalder (My Love)  

So that`s a some from my bucket list! how about yours??

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