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I am an Insta junkie, scrolling around is my daily past time. There was this one day I came across this interesting post: Project Post Card. Post cards have always made me nostalgic, their is a part of me that wishes to go back to a phase where Post cards were dear like the text messages now.

So about Project Post Card: Mallika Mahidar started this amazing project, thinking its time to write to people around the world. Yes, even strangers(that`s the best part).
She wanted to write to them and tell them "hey man! I don`t know you,but I am willing to sit down for a ten minutes and write a post card for you"

So here goes another blog post featuring : Mallika aka @appleglutton

1. Why did you start Project Post Card?
A. Well, I have always liked the physical act of writing. I generally write letters to friends on birthdays and when I cannot express my emotions on a screen. Letters would have been too long and a huge task in case my project got bigger. I also wouldn’t have known how to write long letters to strangers. Postcards are perfect for writing everything without rambling. And to make people smile.

2. How do you write?
A. I buy plain, yellow postcards for every single person I write to (no discrimination :p) because I can get maximum space and they are easily available (and easy on the pocket.) Then begins the process of writing. I was very cautious of writing them in the beginning. I actually wrote a rough draft of what I was going to write for the first thirty recipients. I stopped that as soon as I realized that I was wasting time and changing a lot on the postcard anyway. I just sit down and I write. I write about books I am reading, share favorite lines, write a haiku from my 365 day project and the weather (small talk cannot be avoided). It is a messy process. I sit with a few of my favorite books to quote lines, my Kindle for the same reason, a few pens and tons of postcards. 

3. Writing to new people makes you happy?
A. Writing to new people definitely makes me happy. I talk to them through postcards and later on social media. I have such lovely conversations with them, discover their interests (some of them are artists, photographers, writers, readers) and even have met a few of them. I love each and every one of them despite not knowing a lot about them or not even hearing their voice.

4. Do you write across the world?
A. Yes, I do write across the world. Most of them have been strangers but I have also written to friends and cousins living in other countries (to whom I never wrote to before this project).

5. How often do you receive responses back?
A. When I started this project, I made it clear to people that they aren't obliged to write back to me.A few of my pen friends have written back to me - be it through postcards, letters or even their artwork. Some respond immediately, some after months and some send when they are travelling to fancy places. It makes me glad that they thought about writing to a complete stranger while on holiday :D.

A Post Card from Stranger
6. A memorable something that you cannot forget during all this time of Project Post card?
A There have been lots of memories over the past one year. Sometimes people text me saying my postcard reached them on a terrible day and cheered them up which indirectly cheers me up, sometimes people ended up being friends whom I can text at random hours and have random discussions ;). There have also been moments when people tell them I inspire them and it makes me feel happy-weird. I never imagined my project would have that kind of influence,but I am glad it did. I am also glad that others started sending out postcards to their friends.

So people, That`s our very talented Mallika who goes an extra mile to make even strangers smile. Keep the good work going Mallika <3!
If you wish to have a Post card for yourself, all you have to do is ask. Rest is taken care,by our dear Mallika.
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