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Recently I was going through the latest fashion blogs, and was awestruck by The Runway Journal- By Ishna Rawlani. That`s when I decided I should feature her blog by doing a exclusive blog post on The Runway Journal.

So here goes my little chat with Ms. Rawlani :

1. Why did you start blogging?
A. Blogging came as a passion to me, it helps me express my views and thoughts freely like an open book with my readers. It is something that gives me peace and I love what I do!
2. Do you think fashion and style are two different things?
A. They definitely are. Fashion is a trend or a fad followed by everyone and style is something very personal and unique.
3. How is your blog different from other fashion blogs?
A. I think my team & I really put in a lot of effort finding beautiful locations and good backdrops for my pictures, merely standing on a normal road and posing makes me feel guilty about not being able to do justice or anything unique for my blog to stand out.
4. 'You have to know yourself well,to build your brand?' Do you agree?
A. I agree. Until you don't know who you are, you can never put your self out there and be renowned.
5. How did you establish your identity, relating to your audience?
Every blogger has a personal style statement, I think pushing myself to try out new things has always been the forte for my blog. I throw away my inhibitions when it comes to experimenting. Even while I am trying out new trends, I don't want to go over the board and then lose out on my real identity, being myself has always helped me relate to my audience.
6. Runway journal justifies "A lifestyle platform that inspires people and communicate hope". How did you manage to do that?
A. The whole idea behind my blog was to convey the little fashion and style I keep experimenting on, it really gives me immense happiness when I know someone is really following my blog and is even implementing the ideas in their own way, I think it is the continuous dedication towards me being very honest and consistent about posting content and shooting for my blogs, that really manages to keep the audience engaged. I have a long way to go and I never want to stop.
Thank you Ishna :) for your immediate response and showing your interest towards this post. I am truly inspired by fact that, you aren`t afraid of taking a fashion risk and experimenting.

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