I miss you..

We dont see each other much,
Neither we talk much
But there is a invisible you
inside my head...
Always there
Standing beside
Always talking 
Holding my hand
Walking hand in hand
Its because 
you`ve left a part of you 
Inside my head
So deep and beyond anything

Then there are days
Precious days
I get to see you
I actually talk to you..
I wait for these days,
I save clothes,specially new ones
To wear it with you
I plan our conversations
Creepy, but yes i do
I run on schedule
To get enough of you
I feel as if i`m on a date
A special date which I cherish,
Look back and smile
Until i get another one.

To the world`s BEST friend, I miss you....
(And I guess in near future, there would come a day when my husband would complain i love you more than him XD)

Love you KK

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