That One...!

I`d like to dedicate this to that humorous one!

That one who has a cute dimple,and a charming smile
That one who turns red,and also makes us turn red...(her jokes suck at time,still they make us laugh :P)

That one who has solutions in her own way,to every damn problem
That one who picks the call making noises

That one who toggles every one,asking there where a bouts
That one who helps and doesn`t expect a thank you.

That one who troubles me, and at times a bizarre
That one who prefers shopaholic over alchemist

That one who turns a serious class into a comical and wacky one
That one who has immense love towards the letter "B"

That one who has a flash back for every stupid random thing around
That one who fights asking me to name veggie`s (I totally know the difference between leafy green and green leafy)

That one who has a soft corner for some lunatic nut shells
That one who is hare brained and zany

That one who looses a "PRADA" and lectures about carefulness..
That one who still use "JOHNSON`S BABY"

That goofy one....which acts all herself! (pretty screwed and kinky she is,yet a perky mad tomato)

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