He pays his visit....

As i closed my eyes,I found myself dreaming once more
My head tripped once again to that familiar chimera,as if i wanted to live that moment over and over.

Dream took me to the kid me. I was five with glittering smiles..

Spring by then was gone,asking summer to take over

That morning...
I greeted the sunny mama,who was quarter up in the early hours...

Aunt Nia,was also with me watching those blue skies...

Clock ticking,reminding and show casing that it was six already.
Birds crippling and singing in an even fashion..clearly stating that they were also awake with us while the rest were busy sleeping!

I ran towards the newly flourished red rose,which was only a bud the other day.
The smell of the mud,hit my nose. Meddling with it was my best past time back then.

Watching the bright sky with longing desire,
'Will it come today?' i questioned my aunt

'May be, if you`re lucky enough' she said smiling.
'please come' I said to the blue skies as the sun was raising above..

I was blessed i guess,he came to see me that day,
After a while that afternoon he called me,sending his mate rain.

Rain drops poured as the sun was up yet, I ran out smiling in search of it.
Under the roof, I saw the sprinkling drops wet the ground.

'There he is!' called out aunt Nia.
'where? where?' I asked as I searched for him with a gleam of hope.
'up there!' she gestured towards him.

He was beautiful and spectacular.That sight of him gave me immense pleasure,he greeted us with bow of colors.
rainnyyy bowwwww, i called him.
The moment was filled with great joy.
I gazed him until he was gone...

by then even the dream was gone, I woke up smiling..!

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