monotonous naming

Lately,something happened!
Quite unusual I say, and that`s why I am asking you to read it! usually,unusual things work than casual right? that`s the way it regularly goes.Personally if you ask me I would go with something crazy or insane to listen about.
So I was toiled up all day, busy running for different errands.
Finally all done, I thought sitting down after a strenuous day and that`s when my friend calls.
'Hey, where are you?' she enquirers hurriedly.
'Aren`t you coming? tomorrow is the last day for submission' and that`s how something else come up. I recall my lecturer blabbering something about submissions.
'Oh yeah, be there in 10 mins' I finish.
`Be back by eight,or don't come at all' my mom shouts.
We girls always have these time limits,we once cross them gone!What happens next is what I really don't want to talk about.
I scamper to another friends house.Another one at the moment, is gonna drive me to the first friend`s place. Hmmmm... so,why is she driving and why not me???? Well I am a horrible driver,especially at evening six Hyderabad`s got its traffic at peek.And a immature driver like me drives, doc`s can make a  lot of money and I would probably end up with a broken leg or wrist.
We had to reach center point in bowenpally. I precisely wonder why our streets,locations and area`s are named in a monotonous way.
Center point?(stick with the name, no second thoughts.I am genuinely commenting on the name,nothing else) I mean c`mmon seriously who names a lively,visual and active location like that as "center point"?
So coming back, we had to go to this center point and we had no damn idea where this place actually was. Thereby the only option left was stopping by and asking someone there which way we had to head?
one quality what I really admire about our people here is that, whenever someone enquires the where-a bouts of some unknown place they earnestly try to explain how to go about.
'Center point?' i ask and they tell us to go straight. We go on and on.... and finally we stop at a signal where we find a auto driver waiting impatiently to shoo away once the signal turns green.
'Uncle center point?' i ask him.
he looks us with confusion and then tells this isn`t the way.
'What?' we shout in the mid out the traffic.
'This way leads to diamond point not center point.Take a turn and go back the same way you have came' he speed talks and by the time signal turns green,he is long way gone.
'Shit' i mummer with in myself. See this is what happens when they name in a dull and boring fashion. Can`t they just name like some square or street,exceptionally like that bakers street in Sherlock Holmes.

Anyways, after taking a turn we moved with a standard speed and then reached a deserted lane.
Scary,but we are grown ups so a deserted lane really shouldn`t be a problem. I tell myself I am really not scared! I am 19 I shouldn`t really be scared.
We go about in search of people...and they are hardly any. After a quality way going forward I see some one coming, We move our bike ahead and see a guy coming (awww, cute one and he is looking at us too)
My friend gives a wryly look indirectly asking me to shut up, I mentally cut off the cute statement and wear a serious look.
'Center point' we ask him and he turns back and forth making sure whether we are asking him.
'Can u direct where this center point is?' i ask him again wearing yes-I-am-asking-you look.
'Uhmm....take a right from here and go straight until you find a junction.Left from junction a five minute drive ahead you will find it' he sincerely tries to explain.
'Thank you' I smile at him and he smiles back and my friend raises the speed before anything else can happen.I look at guy from the rare view mirror and he is still looking at us.....concentrate I tell myself and get back to our finding the-way-business.
We successfully fine the junction and then the center point,later my friend`s place too.We finish our work there and on our way back a traffic police stops us. 
'Crap,not now' I say
'I think he is gonna ask our license' my friend mentions wearing worried expression.
But thankfully he says we are on a wrong way and asks us to take a u-turn. Taking a u-turn my friend suddenly stops aside
'What?' I question.
She sign`s showing the E- which indicates there isn`t any fuel left.We drag to the petrol bunk and get it filled.
'You get hungry in wrong times' I mutter looking at my scooty.
Finally we make our way and take the fly over,a ten min drive from here and we are home we think and that`s when some local guys irritate racing towards us.
We raise again to get rid of those idiots, going going.... we bump into a car,not just a car its a BMW. We are tensed, worried, tired, and already had enough for the day and now damn. I get down to apologize the one inside.
I close my eyes and my heart is racing thinking of disastrous possibilities of what may happen.
'Sorry...those fellows were back,we panicked and suddenly bumped' my friend says.
Eyeing the car and looking for the damage i add 'extremely sorry' 
There isn`t any damage really so it shouln`t be a problem.
'Sorry again' we say together facing him, he looks pissed but nods and then goes away.
But the nonsense isn`t over yet, I had to face my mom.
It was eight thirty by then,half an hour late.....(well what happen later is a different story).
Dint know that 'the-day' had so much in store for me!

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