elevated stupidity

Random nonsense it is, not exactly a joke....but some gibberish foolishness.
So yeah,what was it?
 I decided to pen this down just to ask such strange things even happen with you?
 So yeah,listen to 'my something' what happened a while ago.....it was after the vacation, me and my cully`s (friends) were walking around talking random stuff.....we decided to sit down.
All of us sat down except for one,let me refer that unusual one as 'x' for my convenience (excuse the reference, dealing with too much of numbers resulted in such assumptions)....haan,so where were we? x,yeah!the unusual x was eyeing the surroundings as if they were alien to her.At first, I genuinely thought she lost something.......
I suspected it was her phone again.
Well,losing the phone now-a-day`s became a by-mistake habit,but who cares?
`What?' I asked baffled looking at x.
`Hmmm....nothing' she answered still looking around.Oh c`mmon it was our college for god`s sake not some Disney land that we watch with mirth.
`What the heck is bothering you?' I squealed at her.
This time she looked up facing me,I sensed the irksome expression she was wearing on.But thankfully she answered even before I could shower another what!
`Well,I am searching for a elevated place' she answered unenthusiastic-ally.
`What,what?' x looked up giving me 'idiot-shut up' look.
`Elevated place? for what in world you need a elevated place?'
`To sit down obviously dammit, I don`t really like the place you people are sitting'....she said chilly....by then others were heartily laughing........laughing at what i dint know,about our argument?or our expressions?may be....or about elevated place?I mean all of us want a elevated place but who really specifies that?
We almost fought,so much just happened for a damn f**king elevated place?
Others were still laughing at us,that`s when we realized how foolish was the reason we fought on....and joined the giggles.....
Later what transpired is what I don`t want to comment on....

so strange right? but that`s something we always guffaw on,every time we look around to sit somewhere.

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