A-musing search!

They are days when you wake up and felt like the right thing to do at the moment was to write. This is one such. Particularly because I have no theme, no plot, no drama or even worst the cliché ending. Also, I just googled whether the "e" in cliché should be "è" or "é"

While doing it, I just noticed my previous search on Google. It says "mind games", oh boy trust me if this was a true subject approved by the board of education, then every next person would top. Leaving the losers, like me, who only understand trigonometry.

Clearly google failed, it reciprocated my search with  only Sudoku and chess. Or maybe these are one of google's mind games, to double check my true intentions. But bro, thank god google is just google and doesn't exist physically. (Clearly it knows all the dirty things,we want to know)

Writing this post wouldn't make me innocent, "I know the judgmental YOU would say this" but clearly I'm trying to understand the fact what games are better at play, when I only thought clash of clan was strategy. 

Oh, don't bother saying, that my ulterior motive in writing this was to make you look bad. But hey, clearly your an endangered species if you don't say "the world is full of mean people" with you amongst the sample. Oh correction, population would be the right locution! (If you go back to google, to google what sample and population was, i would definitely take the credit for making you imbibe some knowledge. After all,my google searches include more of later,than the previous we were talking about)

Likitha Padiyala

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