How many of you wish to go back in time and never want this growing-up phase to visit you?How many of you agree with this so called punk line???- "do not grow up? its a trap?"
The problem lies within the seven letter locution- FOREVER

So,yeah let`s talk about the bothering phrase and why are we bickering for the mischief little phrase?
We never realize time is taking over day-by-day,and suddenly its all done or gone.We hang around with the little yesterday and fantasize about "Forever"
Ah!That bastard fiction,always loves the term 'forever' right?? And we always get carried away thinking,things are for ever and ever.

Interestingly we live in the past,think about the past and hope at some point it comes back too.But unfortunately life isn`t Another Cinderella Story.But what if your blessed and somehow you went back to your childhood to learn again twinkle-twinkle?And once again go back to high school and relive your first love? And your blessed to redo the same things again?And finally once again you come back to the same place where you hover not to go any further?What you`d do then?You wish to go back again?Which is I tell you,is absolute coward-ency.

Perhaps,there is nothing called forever.Because if there was a forever,and life went the way you want THEN THE FUN PART`S GONE.You might not enjoy it anymore either.

For those considering today is utter-misery often forget tomorrow might be all-smiles(You never know!).Who is a good-for nothing today may pocket a thousand dollars tomorrow.It might not be your way,not go accordingly and haply turn out to be even worst.But who knows worst sometimes might bring the best within you? Accepting today and working towards it may change your tomorrow.

The only way to make things right is
To smile at yesterday,hope for tomorrow but live TODAY.

Hope you like it
hugs and smiles

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