Very often I say to myself, I will someday.
Very often, I think of that one day.
That day when I let go all my negative insights and intuitions.
That very day when I leave the fear behind, and ain`t think of all those arbiters
I shall find myself becoming more of me,than I ever was..
I shall smile at my nostalgic notions and guilty pleasures...
Which will take the shape of reality, and will no longer remain my thoughts...
And that very day, I shan`t think of another one day which is yet to come
I shall live that one day, with a gleam of hope thinking my everyday is just what I shall envisage it to be
Living that one day, like I never did!
Until that very day, you shall hope to find the real me
B`coz what you think I am is just the cladding
Unless you made that real effort to look though the reel me
We`d meet then,that very day if only it does exist

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